8:30 - 9:00 Arrival and Check-In

9:00 - 10:45                                              Session A

A1: Room 104

The Psychology of Reconciliation: Internal Conflicts and Conflict Resolution - Russell Johnson (University of Chicago)

The Valuation of Cooperation and Caring in the Labor Market: Implications for the Larger Society - Lisa Fisher (LongView)

A2: Room 105

Active Nonviolence and Restorative Justice in the Life and Teachings of St. Paul - David Aune (Ashland University)

Can theory corrupt practice? Reflections on Wisdom, Narrative and Non-Violence - Mark Ryan (University of Dayton)

A3: Ridenour Room

Pathways to Pacifism and Anti-war Activism among U.S. Veterans - Julie Hart (Ohio Dominican University)

Visual Storytelling as Non-violent Strategy in Liberating Roma - Maria Subert (CUNY Hostos Community College

Wielding Power: How the Indigenous Peoples of Bangladesh Used Nonviolent Action to Protect their Land from an Open Coal Mine - Elizabeth Schmidt (Kent State University)


10:55 - 12:05                                          Session B

B1: Room 104

Thinking Peace Into Existence: How to Read and Write Like Woolf in the Age of Trump - Paula Maggio (University of Mount Union)

Post-modern Community and Conceptual Violence - William Vaughan (Ashland University)

B2: Room 105

Buddhist Treatments and Justifications for Violence - Michael Jerryson (Youngstown State University)

Jainism, Buddhism, Film, and Violence: An Imperfect Intersection - Ivory Lyons (University of Mount Union)


12:05 - 1:15 Lunch, Ridenour Room

Mysticism, Pragmatism and Nonviolence - Charles Kammer (The College of Wooster)


1:25 - 3:10                                             Session C

C1: Room 104

The Role of Third Parties in the Logic of Nonviolence - Brian Denny (University of California, Irvine)

Leveraging Privilege in Solidarity with those who Have None: Does it Dismantle or Reinforce the System of Inequality? - Sara Koopman (Kent State University - School of Peace and Conflict Studies)

C2: Room 105

Discourse of Protest in the time of Trump: From Communist (to Terrorist) to Rioter - Michael Loadenthal (Miami University of Oxford)

Constructive Resilience as a Non-Violent Response to Oppression: Towards an Expanding Program of Research - Holly Hanson (Mount Holyoke), Michael Karlberg (Western Washington University) and Michael Penn (Franklin & Marshall)

C3: Ridenour Room

Teaching Non-Violence through Asian History: An Evaluation of the North Korean Threat - Seiji Bessho, Jory Gomes, Merose Hwang and Kimberly Morrison (Hiram College)

Intrafaith Resistance - Jeanine Diller (University of Toledo)


3:20 - 4:30                                            Session D

D1: Room 104

Sensitizing Young Men to Issues of Rape - Paul Robinson (North Central State College) and Herb Ross

The Limits of Nonaggression: Libertarians and Electoral Politics in Ohio - Robert Williams (Ashland University)

D2: Ridenour Room

Looking to the Past for a Secure Future: Partnership Societies and Peace - Sophia Ender (University at Albany) and Marissa Ender, Regina Ender, Donna Weintraub and Benjamin Kobrinsky

Peacemaking Takeaways: Workshop with Video - Steve McGuire (Muskingum University)

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