The Ashland Center for Nonviolence believes that there is more to peace than opposing violence. We are dedicated to raising awareness, thinking and acting creatively and encouraging open discussion on issues of peace and social well-being. When it comes to conflict, we ask the question, “What else can we do?”


1) Building the next generation of peacemakers.

We are reaching Ashland University students with the message of nonviolence, training some of them to be student mediators and giving them experience in leading.

2) Educating for nonviolence.

We attempt to be attuned to local, national and international issues and question, reframe, and complicate issues otherwise thought settled. We provide programming that focuses on critical analysis of all forms of violence and explore and promote nonviolent alternatives.

3) Seeking the peace of our communities.

We offer experiential training to develop the capacity for conflict resolution in local settings. We raise awareness of conflict situations and various concrete methods of dealing with conflict.

4) Reaching out broadly.

In a politically polarized society, we strive to speak to and be relevant to a broad spectrum. We are reaching people from many different backgrounds and persuasions (political, economic, religious).

5) Being a clearinghouse.

We act as a central point for collecting and disseminating information about events and other opportunities relating to nonviolence and issues of social concern.